ScribersHive Branding

This project was a complete re-brand of a website called ScribersHive. ScribersHive is a multimedia platform designed to give young people a voice.

Mapping the Silk Road

The brief for this project was to create an infographic for display at Whitchurch Silk Mill with information and visuals on the Silk Road.

The outcomes that I came up with included a print infographic for display as a banner on the wall and an online interactive infographic.

You Press Website

This was a project to design and implement a new part of the You Press website to advertise their new ‘services’.

Motion Graphic

For this project I chose to make a music video for the song ‘Humble’ by Kendrick Lamar. Here is the final video and the treatment for the video.

'The Collective' Branding

This project was a collaboration with other designers to create branding and promotional material for a music programme called ‘The Collective’, run by You Press.

You Press Promo Materials

During a work placement at You Press, I designed various promotional materials in line with their brand.

My Portfolio

Here you can see the online version of my printed portfolio booklet.

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